About Dragonrun 1027

Dragon Run 1027 was a run of over 1027 miles, carried out solo as a multi day ultramarathon, around the entire perimeter of Wales.

Wales Coast Path (33 days)

Offas Dyke (6 days)

Final day (a gratuitous 1 mile to finish!)

In honour of the 10 year anniversary of both Dragonrun1027 and the Wales Coast Path, I’m sharing some of the previously untold tales from the trail on my blog pages.

To hear all about the ups and downs, have a listen to Arry’s interview with the Tough Girl Challenges Podcast!

Arry Beresford-Webb (now Cain) ran the entire distance, which amounts to the equivalent of 40 marathons, back to back, within 40 days. It was carried out in memory of Arry’s parents who passed away in 2007 and 2009. The aim was to raise an obscene amount of money for Velindre Cancer Centre and Gozo Critical Care Unit (CCU) Foundation!

The route consisted of 2 Trails: The All Wales Coast Path (that officially opened as Arry finished on 5th May), and The Offa’s Dyke path, which runs the length of the Wales/England border. The run was on rough terrain throughout, making this an ultra trail run as opposed to a road run. This presented a number of additional challenges with regards to balance, concentration and the need to have continually fast reactions to cope with the changing environments. It is also, by no means a flat run, and consisted of continually varying elevations throughout totalling 40,000m. All of this required continuous navigation! As Arry ran a majority of the mileage on the coastline, she had to cope with some particularly challenging weather conditions.

Dragon Run 1027 started on Roald Dahl’s Plas in Cardiff bay on Saturday 24th March 2012 and finished at the launch of the Wales Coast Path on 5th May 2012 in the same place. The run raised almost £13K in total, and Arry is continuing to carry out challenges and fundraising to exceed her target of £25K between the two charities.

Many thanks to the Corporate Sponsors of Dragonrun1027, who’s logo’s appear below…


2 Responses to About Dragonrun 1027

  1. gary says:

    Hi my gary evans. Very well done on your amazing run. Iv just done the Marathon des Sables and am looking for my next challenge. Was thinking of running form north wales to south wales in 5 days and on 6th day do ironman wales. Trying to find running paths to get me to tenby where the ironman starts. Was hoping you could help in anyway. Thanks

  2. irunoffroad says:

    Fantastic achievement Arry

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