Tough Girl!

Just a quick update pending a longer post!


I had the honour of being interviewed by Sarah Williams from Tough Girl podcasts. If you’ve not listened to any of the interviews on Tough Girl Challenges, make your way over to the site and have a listen, there are some incredible people interviewed and I’m amazed to be on the same bill as them!

To listen to mine and relive the Dragonrun1027 warts and all with me it can be accessed at the following links:


Please spread the word, the wider it goes, the more exposure for my two charities Velindre Cancer Centre and Gozo CCU Foundation! Thank you!

About Arry

Ultra running has been, Roller Derby wannabe and one half of Rock & Gnome
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2 Responses to Tough Girl!

  1. Angela says:

    Hi Arry,

    I just listened to your podcast on Tough Girl channel, and it was absolutely awesome! I don’t even know you and I’m so proud of you for what you achieved, for yourself but also for how inspiring your story is, and how it can help other people to gain the courage to have a go and challenge themselves. Well done and keep on keeping on!

    • Dragon Run 1027 says:

      Hi Angela!

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope that my story can help others, and if not, at least make them giggle :o)
      Thank you for listening and taking the time to get in touch!

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