The Charities

Velindre Cancer Centre – Stepping Stones Appeal

Stepping Stones

Velindre Cancer Centre is the largest non-surgical cancer Hospital in Wales providing Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and other specialised anti-cancer treatments for over half the people diagnosed with cancer in Wales.

Velindre Cancer Centre is the first Cancer Centre in Europe to have a totally integrated service for patients in most need.

Velindre is a part of  Arry’s life, both through it’s provision of treatment for friends, and also through the research into cancer treatment. The aim is to raise a total of £20K for the Velindre Stepping Stones Appeal. This appeal provides funding for
Local lung cancer research projects;
Educational grants for doctors, nurses and other health professionals involved in the care of lung cancer patients;
Equipment provision to improve the way that lung cancer patients are treated.

Lung cancer remains a difficult disease to treat, so the funding for this appeal is vital to advance research into lung cancer.

Arry is proud to have been made Ambassadors of Velindre Cancer Centre Fundraising.

Gozo CCU Foundation


The Gozo Critical Care Unit is on the Island of Gozo Malta. This small unit is responsible for the treatment of Gozo residents, British ex-patriats and tourists.
Maltese Government expenditure is limited and is not enough to provide the CCU with updated lifesaving equipment.

The Foundation was started in late 2006 and has so far purchased and installed ay cardiac monitors, and a portable monitor for the transport of patients overseas where required.

Both of Arry’s parents were treated at the Gozo CCU prior to their passing away in 2007 and 2009. Despite the limited modern equipment within the CCU, the standard of care by the staff is second to none, each and every member of the team goes above and beyond their duty on a daily basis, whether that is providing text updates for family who are unable to be in the same country, or visiting patients on their days off with specially prepared food!

The aim is to raise £5K for Gozo CCU Foundation’s Ventilator appeal, which intends to raise 15,000 Euros for two ventilator units. This charity is more difficult to raise funds for as it is Malta based. Maltese laws and regulations prevent the setting up of online giving for charities, therefore preventing payments by credit/debit card.


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