The Dragonrun1027 challenge was made possible thanks to the people mentioned in the Supporters and Team section of this site. There are however a few people who also need to be mentioned!

Becca Milton, Gareth Fairie, Karen Davis, Spud Allen: These guys were the die hard running supporters and teh glue that stuck a broken mind back together when needed so badly.

Bran Devey and Alec Taylor: A surprise visit and running company made a very tired Arry smile!

Steve Webb, Liz Morris and everyone in Anglesey!: What a welcome! Thank you!

Piers Bramhall: Face of Welsh Tourism and friend for life! Ran an entire day with a 10 hour round trip to get to the most Northerly point in Wales!

All who provided accommodation, and who ran sections, helped with logistics, fed and watered! Thank you!

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