Support Crew

Support Drivers

This role was vital as the driver as well as being the transport to and from the start and finish, was also be the emergency conact (the route is majority off-road and in many places will be on cliff edge), the media contact and in charge of logistics and promotion during the challenge.

Andy ‘Drew’ Cain (Support Driver)

Drew is the long suffering ‘other half’ of Arry, and was the support driver and Arry’s hero for the first 2 weeks and last week of the challenge.

Charlie Beresford (Support Driver)

Charlie is Arry’s brother and took over from Andy in Aberystwyth! Charlie was responsible for giving Arry some better late than never lessons in navigation!

Eva Walters (Support Driver, Elf, Hippy, Leopard, Pirate….)

Eva, one of Arry’s oldest friends also joined at Aberystwyth and provided much needed entertainment in various guises!

Andy and Eva the Pirate join Arry for a day on the Llyn Peninsula!

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