Anne-Marie “Arry” Beresford-Webb (Now Cain! I’m M-Arry’d!)

ArryI’ve has been described as a ‘rare one’! Read into that what you will! In early years I was terrified of anything involving activity (school P.E. has a lot to answer for), but now activity and helping others to get active and outdoors is my life and work!

I’m  looking to  raise huge amounts of cash for Velindre Cancer Centre, raise awareness of mental health, and see just how far I can push myself!

Prior to the Dragonrun1027 I was a reluctant Half Marathon runner. The big step up to Ultra distances took a huge amount of dedication…

This is what Dragonrun1027 taught me: ” Ultramarathon is a bit like a science in itself! I’ve learnt so much about myself and human capability, and completely altered my attitude to running. There’s more to running than a stopwatch, tarmac and the desperate need to beat people at a race that they might not even be competing in! My competition is with myself, my mind and my body….. oh and with the blisters, lack of toenails, burning muscles and battered joints! I love it!”

Post Dragonrun1027….. am I still an Ultrarunning convert?


I will never judge another runner based on appearance or speed. Just think, that slow runner you see plodding towards you could be about to complete their first ever mile or their 100th mile.

The world of endurance sport and the discovery of everything the great outdoors has to offer helps me to live with the challenges that my own mind present me with (see blog), whilst helping me to help others.

Most importantly I’m going to use Ultrarunning and endurance challenges, as a method reach the £25,000, that I plan on raising for Velindre Cancer Centre and Gozo CCU Foundation.

Arry and Andy with the 2012 Face of Welsh Tourism, Piers Bramhall! (Church Bay, Anglesey)

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