Dragonrun1027 Supporters

We are very lucky to be supported by a number of incredible people! This page will be updated with their inspirational messages as time goes on!

Phil Rosenstein

(American Ultramarathon Runner, who Arry was lucky enough to bump into in 2008 as he was part way through running over 3000 miles across the USA)

‘I am honoured to be a part of the inspiration for your own adventure! You are absolutely crazy! And I love that about you. You can definitely do this. It will be more about your mind and your heart than your body. It will be tough at times, but it will be one of the best things you’ll ever do with your life. No doubt about that.’

Jonathan Davies MBE (Welsh Rugby legend and President of Velindre Fundraising)

“What an incredible challenge, and for such a good cause. I’ve never done one marathon so can’t imagine what 1 a day for 45 days will be like. These days, there are so many people doing things to raise money for charity, and they’re getting bigger and more adventurous in order to attract attention and donations, but what you are doing is absolutely amazing and I wish you both the very best of luck and thank you for supporting Velindre.”

Martyn Williams

(Welsh International Rugby player and Patron of Velindre fundraising)

“I do a 7mile walk for Velindre each year, but the thought of running 4 times that every day for 6 weeks is beyond comprehension, and you both have my total respect. Being sport physio’s, at least you have the benefit of being able to give each other massages along the way! 🙂 All the very best!

Dean Karnazes (The Ultra Marathon Man)

“You are crazy, I love it! Wow…that’s one heck of an undertaking and I
applaud you for doing it for all the right reasons.

My only advice to you guys is “never stop!”

May the wind be at your back….”

Sir Steve Redgrave (5 time Olympic Gold Medalist)

“Good luck with your charity run. I thought the London Marathon was long
enough!  Also well done for raising money for some great causes close to
your heart.

I am sure you will succeed.

All the best!”

Jack Clarke (British FIA Formula 2 Driver)

“Good luck you guys! I can not speak for how much of a challenge this will be for you both, I can only imagine. I know that with the same drive that goes into the work behind charities such as the Velindre Cancer Centre and the Gozo CCU Foundation you will succeed in this mission. You have inspired me and I know you will inspire others not only to follow you on twitter and via the website but to donate loads of money!”

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